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Davie, Florida is one of the most beloved communities in South Florida. It’s got it’s own culture, centered around the ‘equestrian lifestyle’ with many western style ranch homes and old Florida style homes. Even with 96,000 residents, Davie retains it’s little town charm. Part of that charm is the character of it’s residents. They care for one another and look after each other. That’s why one of the happiest residents of the town the owner of 1(855) Got- Leaks, a popular Davie leak detection service.

Do you have water damage? Having trouble locating the source of the trouble? From Long Lake Ranches West to Shalimar, chances are, we’ve encountered the type of problem you have before. We are local authorities on the topic and will locate the source of the problem. Whether it be a sewer line with a rooter problem or a main water line rupture, our high tech detectors can find it. We use everything from ultrasonic leak detectors to thermal imaging to locate the source of your water damage.

We even examine your water meter to see if there are indications of seepage and leakage.

Davie has a lot of homes that still have septic systems, which presents it’s own set of challenges when you are trying to find a leak.

If we detect a ‘slab leak’, that is, a leak that is emanating from plumbing under your foundation – don’t despair! We have special tunneling equipment that allows us to dig under your home or business so that your flooring, baseboards, and foundation are not disturbed. In the old days, and even today with some plumbing companies, plumbers would have to drill straight into your floor to get to the source of the problem. Not anymore, thanks to our 21st century technology!

Bill enjoys looking after the plumbing needs of his friends and neighbors in the area. He especially enjoys helping them with any plumbing leaks they might have.

So remember, when you think you have a leak in Davie or surrounding communities and can’t find the source, team at 1 (855) Got-Leaks. You’ll be thrilled with the ‘old fashioned’ style customer service and exceptional professionalism of a true expert in his field. The owner of our company is proud to be an authority on leak detection, and proud to call Davie his home.

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